Getting Loud on the Cloud
Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 7. All About Data

Losing business-critical data is not recoverable. Is your company a transformative organization, or are you simply keeping the lights on? I’m Ori Weizman, Sr. Solutions Architect for Silk, and your host for this episode.  I’ll be talking all things data, with a few doses of pop culture woven in for fun.

In this episode, I’ll not only share some mind-bending statistics about the amount of data that currently exists but how much our data will increase in the next decade. We’re currently in the “zettabyte era” but heading toward yottabytes, brontobytes, and even geobytes within the next ten years.  So I’m asking – are you prepared? The cloud, and multi-cloud systems, are the ONLY way to maintain your business-critical data.

Silk is focused on delivering high-powered cloud solutions within the eCommerce, healthcare, and financial services industries. Join us each episode for in-depth discussions across different elements and aspects of the cloud, from the technical to the absurd, with a focus on helping you understand the capabilities and limitations of various public cloud offerings.  Our goal is to explain how a blend of cloud technology can be effectively married to business outcomes that help you be better prepared to smartly approach and solve your business problems with cloud technologies.

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Discussion Points

  • Statista reports that by 2025, there will be 181 zettabytes of data in the world
  • The yottabyte era is approaching in 2030-2035
  • Byte definition and the multiples
  • B2C/retail/eCommerce company data
  • Hyperscaling at Amazon
  • Customer data drives innovation – Amazon is the sultan of data
  • You may be surprised by the data you mine from your customers, and maybe you should pivot
  • AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud adoption frameworks
  • The cloud is the only place to transform your business
  • Google’s phases: tactical, strategic, and transformative
  • Recommended: read Google, AWS, and Microsoft white paper on cloud adoption
  • Reach out to Silk for easy cloud migration solutions
  • We welcome your suggestions– reach out to Silk for topics for upcoming episodes


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