Getting Loud on the Cloud
Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 8. The CIO's Guide to the Galaxy

Did you know that CIO positions have a very high rate of turnover compared to other Csuite roles? In this episode, I’ll share some of the role-specific challenges of the CIO, the difference between a CIO and a CTO, and offer some tips and advice for CIOs that I’ve learned over many years as a consultant to various organizations.

I’m Ori Weizman, Technology Solutions Lead for EMA at Silk, and not only am I your guest host for this episode, but I’ve been ‘elevated’ to co-host of this podcast. In each episode, I’ll throw in a healthy dose of pop culture to keep things interesting and hopefully offer a lighter tone to our highly technical topics.

Silk is focused on delivering high-powered cloud solutions within the eCommerce, healthcare, and financial services industries. Join us each episode for in-depth discussions across different elements and aspects of the cloud, from the technical to the absurd, with a focus on helping you understand the capabilities and limitations of various public cloud offerings.  Our goal is to explain how a blend of cloud technology can be effectively married to business outcomes that help you be better prepared to smartly approach and solve your business problems with cloud technologies.

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Discussion Points

  • Differences between CIO and CTO roles – both in the Csuite, but CTO’s often report to the CIO. CIO focuses on internal resources, and CTO’s often focus externally on clients/customers
  • A Case Study: At the fictitious ACME Corporation, they make cartoons. The CTO will build the platform to stream to users. The CIO determines what provider to run the platform on and all the costs
  • CIO’s are people managers
  • Productivity – example of creating a document and how the CIO assists
  • Productivity – example of a sales team pitch – what the CIO needs to provide
  • The CIO knows what’s best for their customers, and interacts regularly with all levels of the organization
  • Anecdotes in an addition to data – Jeff Bezos uses anecdotes to support/clarify data
  • Diffusing the “fear” of the Csuite execs in your organization will help you collect anecdotal data
  • Don’t push your employees to the brink!
  • The CIO role has one of the highest turnover rates in the Csuite


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