Getting Loud on the Cloud
Getting Loud on the Cloud
Ep 2. The Oracle of Azure

In this episode, I’m speaking with Kellyn Gorman who is an SME at Microsoft on migrating large databases, like Oracle, to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Kellyn and I discuss when, why, and how to move databases to the cloud and the challenges and considerations to take when deciding to make the leap from on-prem to the cloud.

Your host for Getting Loud On the Cloud is Derek Swanson, Chief Technology Officer for Silk.  Derek has over 25 years of experience writing code and building solutions. From his work on Novell networks in the 90s to server virtualization in the 2000s, Derek has the experience and knowledge to guide you through all the ups and downs of the many public cloud services available today.

Join us each episode for in-depth discussions across different elements and aspects of the cloud, from the technical to the absurd, with a focus on helping YOU understand the capabilities and limitations of various public cloud offerings.  Our goal is to explain how a blend of cloud technology can be effectively married to business outcomes that help you be better prepared to smartly approach and solve your business problems with cloud technologies.

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Discussion Points

  • The two methods– DB PaaS managed service in the cloud and moving straight to the cloud with infrastructure
  • Do you change Oracle to move straight into PaaS?
  • “Through-put” – what is it in PaaS?
  • Greenfield vs. Brownfield scenarios
  • Reducing exposure, repurposing Oracle licensing
  • Can you expand on the taxing costs and reducing certain Oracle costs?
  • What do we need to review for right-sizing our Oracle footprint in the cloud?
  • Oracle can be difficult to fit into DB PaaS, so analysis and right-sizing is critical
  • We’ve discussed “Lift and Shift” – How can we “Lift, Shift, and Evolve?”
  • Azure has “de-risked” this process, and its success rate is incredible
  • We welcome your suggestions– reach out to Silk for topics for upcoming episodes