Why Healthcare Needs to Embrace the Cloud

Healthcare is one of the largest holdouts to adopting new technology. After all, if a new technology fails, the results can literally be life or death. But as the industry continues to focus on providing a better and more friendly patient experience, new technologies are beginning to be embraced. Like the cloud. Cloud makes it possible to better share patient information across providers while also enabling the use of other breakthrough exciting new technologies, such as Telehealth. And while cloud has established itself as a safe and secure option for healthcare data, 27% of healthcare companies still only run traditional, on-prem datacenters. This is a higher percentage than any other industry!

In this ebook, we’ll:

  • Take a look at what the cloud has to offer the healthcare industry
  • Address specific roadblocks the industry can encounter as they begin their cloud journey
  • Propose an easy way to dip your toes into life on the cloud
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