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SimCorp Accelerates Customer Adoption of Industry Leading Asset Management SaaS Platform Leveraging Silk

Needham, MA – Mar 22, 2023 – Silk announces that SimCorp, a global leader in Investment Management solutions, is using the Silk Data Virtualization Platform to ensure the performance of its Asset Management SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, SimCorp Dimension®.

SimCorp, committed to innovative software and services, modernized its business-critical application on Microsoft Azure.  Leveraging Silk, SimCorp enables faster and easier access to SimCorp Dimension as a SaaS platform.

“Leveraging Silk as part of our technology stack, we confidently provide a fast, flexible, and cost-efficient SaaS solution to our client base,” says Ulrik Elstrup Hansen, Vice President, Head of SaaS Innovation at SimCorp. “Silk has been critical for us to accelerate adoption of our SaaS platform as we help clients maximize their value on our most advanced platform.”

“Silk is proud to partner with SimCorp to help accelerate adoption and guarantee the performance of their SaaS platform,” explains Dani Golan, Founder and CEO of Silk. “Application modernization is a major investment and Silk helps SimCorp maximize the return on that investment.”

Learn more about how SimCorp was able to leverage Silk to achieve its modernization goals. Visit https://silk.us/resources/simcorp/.

About SimCorp

SimCorp offers industry-leading, integrated investment management solutions. Our platform and ecosystem, comprising partners, services, and third-party connectivity empowers us to provide 40% of the world’s top 100 financial companies with the efficiency and flexibility needed to succeed.

With over 25 offices around the world, and more than 2,200 employees, we are a truly global, collaborative team that connects every continent and industry seamlessly.

For more information, see www.simcorp.com

About Silk

The Silk Data Virtualization Platform gives demanding workloads up to 10x faster performance in the cloud. Without refactoring, applications can move to the public cloud without compromising on performance or overspending to mitigate risk. Industry leaders in ecommerce, SaaS, FinTech, and healthcare trust Silk with their business-critical workloads to get the ultra-fast speeds their customers demand. Silk is headquartered outside of Boston, MA. To learn more, visit www.silk.us.


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