Businesses and consumers today are less interested in hosting on-prem physical hardware. Increasingly, they are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. SaaS offerings have greater flexibility and are less time-consuming to install and onboard than traditional hardware offerings. They allow for a more cost-efficient pay-as-you-go subscription model and can easily be accessed by remote employees.

One company that saw the winds shifting towards SaaS was SimCorp. SimCorp is a global leader in investment management solutions for the world’s top financial companies. Its core product, SimCorp Dimensions, provides efficiency and flexibility in managing all assets from one platform for over 200 global clients. Historically, SimCorp Dimensions has been sold as an on-prem software but with market demands increasingly calling out for SaaS, SimCorp looked to bringing the product in that direction.

The team looked to lift and shift to Azure since it would take a lot of time and effort that they didn’t have to refactor. But they couldn’t seem to achieve the consistently high performance on the cloud that their customers demand.

With Silk, SimCorp was able to overcome the performance limitations they were experiencing They were able to move one of their largest clients – a company that had been using the most expensive compute and storage setup for their previous on-prem infrastructure – while achieving 20% faster performance than they had seen on-prem!

You can hear how SimCorp achieved this from them yourself! Listen to this conversation we had with Ulrik Elstrup Hansen, VP and Head of SaaS Innovation below.

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